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Is Curtis the soul founder of the Guardian Angels Safety Patrols?
Answer: Absolutly Not!!

Who are the Twin Dragons?
Answer: The Twin Dragons are Two Black Native American Twins who are the Co-Founders of the Guardian Angels who Curtis Sliwa claims he started.

What is the Shaolin Protectors?
Before we Started the Guardian Angels, we had our own direct patrols called the Shaolin Protectors. We patrols our streets and protected our neighborhoods across the Bronx and Brooklyn in NY.

When did the Shaolin Protectors start?

How did you meet the Magnificent 13?
Members of the Guardian Angels and the Magnificent 13 Patrols met at an altercation in the Bronx. At the time the Twins met them, there where about 6 Magnificent 13 patrolers left.
The Twin Dragons had 78 Students at the time of the interception.

Who ran the Magnificent 13? Curtis Sliwa is the founder of the Mag 13. We had nothing to do with that and we do not claim to have anything to do with hits finding.

We ran our Shaolin Protectos in the Streets while Curtis ran his Mag 13 on the Subway system. Two different patrols not connected in any way until we bumped into each other while heading to our Shaolin Temple.

Who ran the Guardian Angels?
Jerry and Jeff The Twin Dragons ran the Guardian Angels because at the time Curtis did not wish to join with us because he still had his Magnificent 13 and they where famous.

It wasn't until the Mag 13 men joined the Guardian Angels and the city's Kids saw our martial arts on the News and TV that Curtis want in. And he also wanted to be the groups spokes person. Our biggest mistake was trusting him not knowing of his magnatude of capability to lie with a straight face.

When did the two patrols join as one?

Why do you think Curtis Sliwa hides these facts?

Are you guys after fame or money?

Do you still talk with Curtis Sliwa?

What other Patrols did you start?

Who left the Guardian Angels First?

Why did you leave the Guardian Angels?

What would you say to Curtis Sliwa Today?

How do you both feel about the Guardian Angels today?

Do you still teach Martial Arts?

What do you do now?