True Founders of the Guardian Angels Jefferson Nightwolf and Jerry Eaglefeather Monroe. Head Instructors for the entire Group, and founders of two more groups inside the Guardian Angels. The Guardian Angels SWAT Team, and the Guardian Angels Master Patrols [MP's]. Founded by Jerry Eaglefeather Monroe. Not Curtis Sliwa . In the artlcle Curtis says he came forward because he felt guilty. The truth is that one of the twins was writting a book about the truths they knew about concerning Sliwa so he wanted to get in front of it before the world found out. Click on his name to read the article.
The Twin Dragons Group the Shaolin Protectors before they formed of the Guardian Angels.

Video of the Shaolin Protectors Leaders before they started the Guardian Angels.
Clayton Prince Tanglsy [Cosby Show] Chato Lega and Grandmaster Chief Blackwalk Sancarlos at a Martial Benefit.
Co-Founder of the Guardian Angels Jerry Eaglefeather starts a New Patrol inside the Guardian Angels called the Guardian Angels SWAT team.

Its toughest fighters inside the Guardian Angels.
True Founder of the Guardian Angels
Jerry Eaglefeather & Jefferson Nightwolf.

Was the Guardian Angels the first group the Twin Dragons had?
Answer: No.

Prior to the forming the Guardian Angels. Jeff and Jerry Monroe had formed an elite group of young fighters known as the Shaolin Protectors. Since they where well trained in the martial arts they where know in the tournament world as The Twin Dragons. Their father Grand-master Black Hawk Sancarlos is an Apache Mohawk and had one of the First Karate Schools in America.

Here are some read hard facts about the Guardian Angels.

1 Did Curtis Sliwa Think of the Guardian Angels all on his own?
No he did not. That is False.

Curtis Sliwa had a group called the Rock Brigade that cleaned up Fordham road streets in the Bronx.

He also later came up with a group known as the Magnificent 13 consisting of 13 members who worked with him in a MacDonald's Store on Fordham Road in the Bronx. They patrolled the #4 train.

Grandmaster Jerry Eaglefeather, Grandmaster Ron Van Clief , and Grandmaster William Taylor.
And Student of Ron.
Co-Founder of the Guardian Angels Safety Patrols, Leader Jerry Eaglefeather Starts even another Patrol inside of the Guardian Angels known as the Guardian Angels Master Patrols. A paramilitary group that served in the most harsh areas of NYC.  Highly trained in the Martial Arts and Skilled in Military combat.